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Penny Mart's Newest Store Takes Over at Long-Time Site of National Convenience Store

Updated: Feb 14

Penny Mart, a convenience store chain, has launched its latest location at 802 Salem Avenue, Hagerstown.

The location was previously a 7-11 store. The opening event took place on August 24. Attendees included Mayor Tekesha Martinez, Washington County Business Development Director Jonathan Horowitz, and Penny Mart's founder and CEO, Jamil Malik. This is the fifth Penny Mart store in Hagerstown. Malik has plans for more stores in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The new store on Salem Avenue was selected by Malik to serve a neighborhood in need. Malik's ventures in Hagerstown have been successful, leading to his expansion plans. The new store will offer a variety of products, from deli items to groceries, filling the void left by the former 7-11 store.

Penny Mart combines the benefits of a large convenience store with a local store's ambiance. Malik assures that Penny Mart will maintain its commitment to friendly service, low prices, and quality products, despite its growth. It is now the largest convenience store brand in Hagerstown.

To mark its opening, the new Penny Mart store will have a $4.99 medium pizza deal until the end of September. Customers can learn more about Penny Mart's offerings and locations on their website, Facebook page, TikTok account, or by email.

The launch of this new Penny Mart store is a significant step for the chain as it aims to expand and serve more areas. Penny Mart remains committed to providing value, variety, and quality service in its new location and future stores.




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